Executive Search & Advisory Services

Alpha Through Search Excellence!

Q-Search & Advisory

Differentiated Search

We begin each search anew vs recycling candidates as larger firms often do. The unique characteristics & needs of our individual clients are critical to a successful placement. We tailor the search to YOUR needs vs our database. 

Proven Process for Success

Our methodology provides predicability & transparency. Our process is adhered to and proven. Our state-of-the-industry software and consultant availability provides 24/7 access to your search status. Most importantly, we are motivated & transactional. We don't ever skimp & want to get the best professional in your seat as soon as possible. 

1:1 Consultant Relationship

Our core differentiated approach is face-to-face & at times quite direct. We are tied to truth & doing what's best for our clients. In good times, it's easy! But when those tough decisions need to be made we provide the frank feedback our clients need to make the best decisions for their business.  

Let "Q" Make a Difference in Your Business Through Professional Excellence